Who We Are

Paint for Print is a group of passionate activists who design products and experiences for individuals who share our love for people and the planet. Driven by a deep sense of unease towards social and environmental injustices, we are committed to overcoming the challenges of our time, near and far. We believe that every one of us is connected to an internal force that compels us to push ourselves further and try again, relentlessly pursuing that thrilling moment when the world finally listens. Together, like the rising and falling swells of the sea, we ride the exhilarating tsunami of change.

What we do

We are a social enterprise that operates a print-on-demand platform, which enables artists, digital artists, designers, photographers, and influencers to upload their designs & artwork to turn them into tangible products that can be sold to their followers and fans. 
Our user-friendly platform offers a variety of products such as apparel, mobile covers, wooden boards, cushions, and more.
We handle all aspects of the printing and fulfilment process, so artists can focus on creating and marketing their designs. We also provide them with tools to track their sales and earnings.
We are committed to sustainability and social responsibility, and we plant a tree for every item printed on our platform.

Our vision
is to create products and experiences that inspire people to take action to address global environmental challenges.
To achieve this, we have made a commitment to partner with organizations dedicated to reforestation efforts, and to donate a portion of our profits to plant a tree for every item we print.
By doing so, we aim to offset the environmental impact of our products and to contribute to the restoration of degraded ecosystems worldwide.
We believe that this unique combination of print-on-demand technology and environmental responsibility will enable us to create a powerful social impact and to lead the way toward a more sustainable printing industry.

Our mission

Is to create a vibrant global community of artists while taking care of our planet’s environment.
Our platform provides a space for artists to create, share, and sell their artwork while promoting a sustainable, eco-friendly printing model that supports the creative arts and the planet.
Our passion for doing good for people and the planet inspired us to plant a tree for every item printed through our platform.

We plant 2 types of trees in two different ways:

1– Fruitful trees :

raising our hand to support the fight to end global hunger and improve the planet.
we deliver tree seedlings to poor families in rural areas in collaboration with agricultural pharmacies, agricultural extension units and agricultural engineers.

2– Forest trees :

We organise regular events, for hiking through the event participant partake in planting trees in forests that have been degraded by fires and human activities


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Our Team

Ali Khadoor

Art director at Paint for Print

Mahmoud Hasan

Founder at Paint for Print

Wesam Alali

Technical manager at Paint for Print

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Our vision

is to create products and experiences that inspire people to help end global environmental challenges.

Our Mission

Is to create market place for artists where they can create, share and sell their artwork, and where print shops can easily access quality artwork to print on

Our Ambition

Is to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly printing model that both supports the creative arts and takes care of our planet.

Our Goal

Is to plant 100000 trees by the end of 2030

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